Class Room (7m x 7m)

Each class room is spacious enough to accomodate 40 students easily. All class rooms are designed keeping in mind all the safety norms and are fitted with all the basic aminities. Every student enjoys 1.225 m2 free area within the class room.




Physics (10m x 7m) 

"In science the credit goes to the man who convinces the world, not the man to whom the idea first occurs"-- Sir Francis Darvin

Our school has a full fledged physics laboratory where more than 20 students can carry out their experiments comfortably. Ours is a composite lab for the secondary and higher secondary students.

Electrical connections are provided through out the table, that too with industrial MCB protection for ensuring safety in the physics laboratory.

High quality electrical wiring, highly polished table tops make physics practical really more enjoyable. We have one dark room where optical experiments are carried out. Once the children come to the physics lab, they go back with an unforgettable experience and new raw thoughts in their minds.


Chemistry (10m x 7m)

The school chemistry laboratories play an important part in allowing students to carry out scientific experiments in the same way that professional scientists do. Due to the complex nature of some chemistry experiments, care is taken to ensure a safe and appropriate environment for conducting experiments in addition to providing a spacious work area.

The chemistry laboratory of the school is one of the best chemistry laboratories with maximum capacity of 40 students. The laboratory is designed following all the safety norms. The working table top is made of chemical proof high quality granite. A fire extinguisher, emergency water supply, medical kit, extra pure grade chemicals and borosilicate glass made apparatus form an essential parts of the chemistry laboratory.


Biology (10m x 7m)

We have a well equipped biology laboratory with a good collection of various specimens, charts and models. t is well-lit, ventilated and spacious. Students from sixth to twelfth regularly visit the laboratory. It enables students to understand the various concept of science and become familiar with the biodiversity of the neighbourhood.

The laboratory has instruments like microscope, respiroscope, photometer, sphygmomanometer, water analysis kit.

  Models of all the human organ systems, DNA, RNA etc are present. We have a good collection of potted plants ranging from pteridophyta to angiosperms, medicinal plants etc.



Computer (12m x 4m)

In times of booming technology the computer labs at AECS,Kudankulam provide the appropriate platform to the student to be future technocrates. The computer labs are used to hone the skills of computer geeks.

With two main labs which cater to the needs of the senior,middle & junior sections, the labs also provide facilities to the students to explore the world through Internet. The senior secondary lab has 18 computers whereas the secondary lab has 20. We provide 1 computer for two students to work simultaneously.



Maths (7m x 7m)

AECS, Kudankulam is having a well equiped maths lab to fullfill the necessities of students at various stages. Here learning takes place through activities and experiments. In the case of the primary students, we have snake and ladder game for biginners,digits cards, number cards and mathemat for knowing various shapes.Then we have place value chart,ones,tens,hundreds and thousands,solids of various varieties for comparing volumes,surface area etc. We have measuring jars of various capacities to know about volumes and developing concepts about ml,litre etc.

We have weighing machines and weights of many varities. We have colourful sets of triangles,rectangles,circles etc for understanding the concepts of shapes and congruency.

At the secondary level,we have models of Pythagoras theorem,Clinomter and models showing various theorem in Geometry. We have Geobord for finding the relationships between areas of different polygons lying between the same parallels. Graph board for better understanding of the Cartisian Plane. Various Geometrical solids for studying their surface areas and volumes.Permanent models using paper cutting and pasting are made and displayed to prove geometrical theorems, algebraic identities.

Photos of various Mathematicians are available to acquaint students with the history of maths. Our lab is placed at a well furnished and spacious room.



Aster(Application of Science & Technology in Educational Reforms)


 Virtual Instruction School:

The system would aid students to interact with education experts in Delhi,Chennai and other metropolitan cities and also from other countries.


Under this programme every student can have individual guidance or tuitions from experts in various fields via the satellite network. These sessions are interactive and are designed to help the students understand and grasp the subject better with guidance from a tutor in some other city.


Satellite & IT-enabled Education(SITE)

EDUSAT is a dedicated satellite for education in India,which has been launched as a collaborative project of Indian Space Research Organization(ISRO), Ministry of Human Resource Development(MHRD), State Departments of Education and Indira Gandhi National Open University(IGNOU). Our school is in the process of acquiring Satellite Interactive Terminal(SIT) or Receive Only Terminal(ROT) as per requirement. Implementation of the EDUSAT connectivity will help to receive educational programmes, both live and recorded and to show it to the students.



Art Room (7m x 7m)

 Art education in school level is a golden opportunity for the students to develop their talents. Our great poet and educationalist Shri. Rabindranath Tagore recommended art education in school level. His intention was to develop the imagination and creativity in the young minds.

Art room in our school is a centre to express all kinds of imaginative, creative and innovative ideas. Talents differ, some students may be good in drawings and paintings, some in 3D works like sculpture and some others may be good in craft work.Our art room take care of all these students.



Music Room (7m x 7m)

"Heard melodies are sweet but unheard melodies are sweeter"

                                                                  --John Keats

School choir and the orchestra team on the wings of melodies

 Our music department is well equipped with most of the basic quality musical instruments. Students perform many musical programmes on important occasions. They are introduced to the world of eternally bewitching music.




 Playground (12000 m2)

Our school is equipped with all the infrastructure needed for outdoor and indoor sports and games.


For outdoor sports, it has 400m standard track,separate long jump pits, 2 vollyball courts, 1 kho-kho field,high jump matress.

For indoor games, it has carrom, chess ,3 table tennis tables. It has separate playing park for primary children.





Knowledge is of two kinds. We know a subject ourselves or where we can find information upon it.With this objective, AECS Kudankulam library is established with good collection of books and other reference materials for incalculating reading habits amongst young children.

All the secondary class students are allowed to browse through the book of their choice and borrow some for home reading. The book entries are made available in the computer. Library activities are documented on a computer. All book-related information is digitized and can be accessed by the student instantly.

Around 5000 books and 28 periodicals are available in the library.